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The art of visual storytelling has the power to tap into your audience’s deepest desires and inspire them to take action. That’s why we establish video content with a focus on storytelling as a pillar of any marketing strategy.

The Power of Storytelling in Video.

Storytelling is a fundamental human experience that unites people and drives stronger deeper connections.
Today, many business owners recognise the need for higher-value video content that only storytelling provides as a key marketing imperative. By communicating your brand through stories, your company is able to elevate the meaning of your brand and better crystalize how it fits into your prospective clients’ lives.

Visual Storytelling That Drives Your Message

In the ever changing world of video production, every short film, tv commercial or corporate video needs to be “on brand”. Our tried-and-tested process is what allows our production team to achieve consistent results and deliver excellent branded content and promo videos to our clients. Following a strict production structure is what helps us dive deep into your company objectives, discover creative concepts, and produce content on time and within budget.
Our collaborative approach facilitates a unique fusion of our multi-disciplinary talents and results in cross-platform storytelling solutions. We’re a team of digital marketers and online content creators, bringing a wealth of experience in video production, design, and technical expertise to your business. We aim to create meaningful and compelling brand content across multiple channels so your business can stand out online.

The Process

Step 1


It all starts with a video brief. A summary of everything about the project that will provide guidance and be our north star for all creative decisions.
More about video brief and free template.

Step 2


This the stage is where our creative team sits down together for a brainstorm session. We discover ideas, find the tone and craft a storyline for your video.
More about creative concept

Step 3


Thinking visualy isn’t always as easy as we think. Script writing is writing down the actions, movement, expression and dialogue of the characters in screenplay format.
Screenplay format is used to express the story visually.

Step 4


Every great script we have for a video follows with the storyboard. Before we shoot your video, we create a series of sketches that will help us ensure every scene of the video is exactly what you want it to be.
How to storyboard & free template.

Step 5


The importance of planning before you shoot cannot be overstated. This step refers to all the tasks that you need to do before you actually start shooting. Reagrdless of the project size you’ll need to undergo a pre-production process.
There is more to pre-production.

Step 6


Production is where all the work so far comes together. Production day is an exciting time for everyone involved.
Production Day Tips

Step 7


Editing the content starts immediately after we finish with the production day. It consists of manipulation and arrangement of all video shots.
See what it involves in deatils

Step 8


Sound design is the process of creating and editing the audio for the production. This broad field involves character dialogue, music, sound effects and ambient sound.
There much more to sound design.

Step 9


Colour grading refers to the process of emphasising visual tones and heightening moods to create the perfect look for the project.
More about Colour Grading

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