Production Day Tips: What to Expect on Set

March 30, 2022
March 30, 2022 Zee Dichev

So you’re making a corporate video. Congratulations! Creating a video for and about your business is an amazing way to explain who you are, what you do, and the value you can provide for your customers.

If you’ve never been on a production set before, however, it can also be an intimidating prospect. You’ve probably got a million questions about what will happen on production day. The unknown can be daunting, and with that in mind, here are some tips for what to expect and what you can do to make the video production process run as smoothly as possible.

It May Take Longer Than Expected

Even though the ad itself is very short, most clients think the process to create them is similarly brief. But you’d be mistaken. Most people who experience the production of a video are caught off guard by how long the process actually takes.

On a production set, things tend to move very slowly at first and then happen all at once. There’s a lot of set-up and preparation involved, and this is part of what makes shooting such a lengthy affair. Once the actual filming begins, however, you might feel like it’s over in a flash.

You’ll Need to Trust the Process

Another thing that surprises people about the video production process is what the process itself actually looks like from the other side of the camera. It can be disconcerting to see production in practice. Things are often filmed out of order and shots may not look like you expected based on the video brief.

This is why you should remember to try and see the big picture. Whoever is directing the video has a vision, and it’s only when you see the finished product that everything that happens on production day will make perfect sense.

Plenty of People Get Camera Shy

Production Day - Interview
Often—but not always—you or your employees will be featured in your video. Even if you think of yourself as a confident person, you should be prepared for the possibility that you or some of your colleagues become camera shy when the spotlight is on you. You wouldn’t believe how often this happens to people.

If this does happen, don’t panic. Remember that the crew is a team of experienced professionals, and their job is to get the best take out of you. With their coaching and the magic of editing, the end result will be completely and totally professional-looking, no matter how nervous anybody gets.

Our All Important Production Day Tips

Production day should be an exciting time for everyone involved. Above all, it’s important for you to enjoy the process and be happy with the end result. Follow these tips so you can facilitate an amazing corporate video in whatever way is necessary.


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