Video Brief in 5 Easy Steps

April 12, 2022
April 12, 2022 Zee Dichev

The first step in any successful content shoot for your business is to write a video brief. If you want to move forward with producing content at a high quality, you’ve come to the right place.

Not only are we going to fill you in on what is a video brief, but we’re going to discuss the components of a video brief as well.

What Is a Video Brief?

A video brief is a summary of everything you want to be detailed in the actual video. The reasons you want to create a video, to begin with, and what problem you are looking to solve.
There are several components of a video brief, including a description of the video budget. To ensure you get what you want without having to go over what’s allotted for filming.
Another essential component of the brief is details about what the video will be used for.

Lastly, the document should detail where the video will be shown. Post it on your website or perhaps you want to share it via social media or run a TVC?
Where you intend to show the video will directly affect our approach as different platforms favour different types of content.
Not that you’ve got a better idea of the components of a video brief and what it is, let’s discuss the steps to create one.

1. What’s the Budget Range?

Everything you do begins and ends with a realistic budget. Having a budget range in mind before you go into a video chat will give us an indication of any potential discrepancies we can address early in the conversation. However, defining a set budget is a difficult task and we know that.

2. Problem – Video Purpose

Generally speaking there is always a pain point or a problem that needs to solve. Be as specific as possible when defining the purpose and the goals you hope to achieve with this video.
Intending to increase website traffic or stimulate workplace change. Clear goals can make or break your marketing efforts.

3. Consider Your Buyer Persona

Knowing who you’re talking to and understanding the target audience is crucial. Defining the ideal customer for every digital marketing campaign and advertising is one of the most important steps.
Without detailing who your audience is, the video brief will be challenging to do, and it won’t help you get closer to achieving your goals.

4. Perfect the Message

The message your video provides is important. What is the core message you want to convey through this video?
Attempting to convey too many messages can affect the overall video goal. The better way to convey the right message is to keep it simple.

5. TV, Website, or Social Media?

Video marketing happens in many channels, so knowing the distribution platforms is important.

Steps to Create a Video Brief

A video brief is a strong tool. When you’re writing one, don’t forget to clarify the purpose of the video, and always have an understanding of who you want to engage with the video.

Creative Video Brief Template


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